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The pianists Susanna ARTZT and Manfred WAGNER-ARTZT decided as early as 1998 to complement their intensive work as soloists and chamber musicians by founding a piano duo, as it was apparent from the first time they played together that they formed an ideal partnership not only in their private life but also in the sphere of music.

It was above all a fascinating experience for them to find a common language in spite of the fact that they came from very different musical directions. Since they are both artists of a soloist persuasion, a certain polarity characterizes their duo playing and it is this that gives rise to such compelling interpretations – which are always the product of a symbiosis between two musical personalities.

The duo's name derives from the origin of the family name "Artzt". Ancestors originating from Val di Non (Nonntal) in South Tyrol were elevated in the 13
th century to the rank of counts of Artz and Vasegg, places known today as Arsio and Vasio. The pianists chose Arsio as the name for their duo, the choice intended to express a symbolic unity of what was formerly divided – brought together by the universal language of music.

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